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  • April 2019

Vacating Advice

All notices for vacating your rental property must be submitted in writing on the appropriate form as per your lease terms and conditions.

All parties named on your lease agreement must sign the form and return to your property manager. The Notice period commences once acknowledged and accepted by our office. Please submit original signed forms.

NOTICE PERIODS will depend on your current lease terms:

PERIODIC LEASE AGREEMENT (Fixed lease period has expired)

If you are currently in a periodic lease agreement you are required to provide 21days notice to vacate premises.

Please download and complete VACATE FORM STANDARD – see below


As per your lease agreement, you are entitled to break the lease earlier than the expiry of the fixed term, however, you will be liable for the costs and loss caused to the landlord as a result of 'breaking the lease agreement'.

It is your responsibility to pay the rent due for the balance of the fixed term. The landlord can claim compensation for all associated costs of terminating the lease early, including losses and costs for;

  • The balance of rent payable until the new tenant occupies the premises or until expiry of the fixed lease term;
  • Advertising costs pertaining to the new rental (if landlord is charged)
  • Any re-letting fees payable by the landlord to the agent in finding the new tenant.

Please refer to your tenancy agreement to confirm if applicable break fee terms applies to you.

Please download and complete VACATE FORM - BREAK LEASE – see below

step 1.
pdficon.gif Download the VACATE FORM STANDARD
pdficon.gifDownload the VACATE FORM - BREAK LEASE
step 2.
Fill out your information
step 3.
Print and sign the application form
step 4.

Fax to 02 4297 8674 or email to rentals@rcre.com.au or your property manager
AND  hand deliver or post in completed ORIGINAL form to our office
122b Tongarra Road (PO Box 303)
Albion Park NSW 2527

Please note that the application above is in PDF Format. If you do not already have the free Acrobat Reader application installed on your computer, you will first need to download it before viewing this Tenancy Application.